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Menas Kafatos
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Dear @mc:

You write: “I have a question for both of you. I disagree that spirit is perfect because it gives you good when you ask for good and bad when you ask for bad.

I think it is very hard, if not impossible, to reach that point where a new right choice can be made which will bring the result because once you feed your subconscious with something, especially if you say that this must not change, your subconscious will bring you every opportunity for it to NOT get changed. It will make sure that all the circumstances and everything is arranged in such a way that the change is not possible. You will not be able to connect with your higher self again to change it, your mind will not be able to focus”.

You are bringing up an important issue that many workers in mental professions often address, the case of self-sabotage. Yes, the subconscious mind is much more powerful (I would say closer to its Source) than the analytical, regular awakening state mind. Having said that, patterns appear difficult to change because of karmic connections which are hard to break. This is why we do the practices, to gradually “erode” the bondage of the finite mind, which insists that we are finite, small and temporary. We are not. As we gradually contemplate the greater truths of who we Really Are, these boundaries and bondage become more and more loose.

The “bad” that you call might not be the full picture. However, the person involved has to discover for herself/himself the deeper lesson. Little by little,

Love and gratitude,