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Menas Kafatos
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Dear @ziewatt:

(continuing the previous points and what you write here:) “I realise part of growth is challenges and experiences, but the more I realise we create our own experiences and realities I wonder why it takes so long to come back to ones self. Why is this? Why do we have duality? here on this plane of existence?”

How long it takes is relative, no? A fruit may take weeks to ripen. Would it accelerate things if we kept thinking “why doesn’t the fruit ripen sooner?”

Now the question of why we have duality, sounds like you view duality as something bad. Duality is neither good nor bad. Duality just is! The infinite potential of Existence contains everything, all dualities, or relationships. Seeing duality as part part and parcel of Unity, allows us to go beyond duality. Beyond good and evil, so to speak.

Love and gratitude,