Reply To: Readers Ask: What is Life Like Upon Waking Up to Reality?

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Menas Kafatos
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Dear @tine:

You stated: “…However, it seems so many of us that wake up are living in a dream we aren’t enjoying. How can we create a dream that we want to be living?

I have realized my self as The Self, yet it isn’t a place I live, I am still this human being having the experience. I’d like to be happier, healthier, and more successful as I live as this human being. How can I change my world to reflect what I want it to be?”

Dreams are just dreams. Some are pleasant, some are unpleasant. Life is the same way, some of the experiences are “good” some are “bad”. Some good now, become bad later!

Going beyond the pairs of opposites is the purpose of human life. Little by little.

Love and gratitude,