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Menas Kafatos
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Dear @richa:

Part of what you are saying: “Obviously you would say, ‘It’s me or it’s ‘I’ who wants to know the answers to these questions.’ Then I would ask you, ‘Who is the ‘I’ that wants to know the answers to these questions? What is the ‘I’ that wants to know?’ And then the second question I would ask you is what do you mean by the word, God? That is a very loaded word, because people all over the world are fighting by what they mean by God. Most of the religions, if not all, come to us from ancient times. They are (in a sense) bronze age mythology, concepts that our ancestors developed a long, long time ago. We usually refer to God based on our religious conditioning. Till we can answer these the questions, ‘who or what is the ‘I’ asking the question wants to know’ and ‘what do we mean by God,’ then your question is very difficult to answer if we don’t know what do we mean by God”.

The “I” is the foundation of everything. However, we are talking about the boundless Awareness, as the I. Not the ego, which thinks of itself as finite, as a sinner, as a happy being in one circumstance, and unhappy in another circumstance. Religions are great but what humans often do is fight over religion! Humans are indeed strange, sometimes.

Love and respect,