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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Lili, thank you for the absolutely wonderful story about your friend! If we all allowed ourselves (and each other) to be timeless, aging would surely vanish from our collective experience. It is remarkable how strong the insistence is in most societies to measure everyone in terms of age! I have had the good fortune to spend a long time in the company of people who are not fixated on the issue, have found my home in timelessness, but some time ago I changed setting and landed among young people, students who were strongly conditioned around age “boxes”. There was no real problem until they found out what my chronological age is, and they were incredibly provoked by me totally ignoring how I should be if I was either the age I look or the age I chronologically am! They had their ideas of how one should be and I just shrugged. In general I was doing things “no one does” at either of those “ages”, and refusing to do all kinds of things they thought were compulsory 🙂 Gosh, I absolutely love to bust boxes 🙂 The only thing better than that is to have my own boxes busted!
Stay timeless, friends… 🙂