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Aurora Carlson
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Hi Lindsay, I very much like your observation about our current ontology being focused on “growing up” and having no awareness of the “waking up” aspect- and that has a lot to do with people being focused on the time-bound level of world and self I think. I also hear what @menask is saying about the Greek philosophers who had a much deeper understanding.

But in my view, Western civilization at large has actually developed constantly and continues to do so. Collectively, in earlier times our “unity” was instinctual but not intellectual, and we created myths about divinity. This was our collective childhood with its God-stories, stories told by people who could only imagine a concrete world and God. Later, with the development of the intellect, of modern science and technology, those childhood myths were thrown away and the world started to look cynically barren and mechanical, a moral desert matching the meaninglessness of physicalism. The concrete still dominated, but the capacity for abstraction had developed enough to include thoughts, ideas, emotions into the idea of self, world and God. The youth of humanity maybe, with its immature know-it-all attitude? 🙂 Many scientists are still there today.

But now… something is happening lately, a collective maturation. We don’t believe in myths anymore, and we are no longer content with a mechanical, meaningless world as our challenges grow. So what next? I believe that it is here that the work of people like Menas and Deepak naturally comes in, it is the rational bridges to the miraculous that are helping humanity move forward. Not empty myths of God and not an empty world devoid of God, but a whole new understanding of what divinity even is. I believe our capacity to realize the fully abstract nature of our world, self and source has now matured and so the right people with the right language have appeared, to shape the new collective understanding.

To me, it looks like we’re constantly moving forward precisely as we should. Of course, every youth is foolish and can bring her/his own destruction… but somehow evolution finds ways through all the dangers, for any species. Even if we’re arrogant teens playing with atom bombs, I believe we have as good a chance as ever to reach the maturity of waking up.