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Aurora Carlson
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Hi Jennifer… how wonderful your question! And how synchronistic it is that I have just written a reply where I am saying precisely this- that all is well!

How could everything be the will of God? The only way is if we can distance ourselves enough to see the whole context and the good every happening brings. Instead of judging a situation, we look for its gifts. And the question of course becomes- is not such a perspective creative, just as creative as the one looking for trouble? Is not the way we look at the world how the world actually is? Are we looking habitually when we see dangers?

It is always tempting to warn of dangers, that’s what all responsible people, parents, leaders do, and it is foolish to ignore dangers. But if we go deep enough, to the very source of the world, and from there choose perspective… then is it not a creative blessing to be able to see/create a good reason/outcome for everything?

Dreamers have often been called naïve. But the Toltecs, the spiritual warriors of Latin America, know that being a conscious dreamer is a path to liberation and self-realization. They have stalkers (the ones who continuously witness habitual patterns) and dreamers (the ones who can shift the waking dream from within). I think that in order to create a bright future for humanity these days when the collective mind is so heavy and negative we need to be both- stalk our habitual fear patterns and dream of new possibilities.

Is evolution the will of God? Whose is the drive we call “will” anyway? 🙂