Reply To: Spirit Matters Interview With Dr. Menas Kafatos

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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Lili, thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts! I love your enthusiasm and am so happy that you have followed your heart to a path that is more in tune with your gifts and talents. I have no doubt that you are already and will continue to be contributing to the creation of the bright world you envision!

I loved the way you described how the soft sciences are more open, that is my experience too, coming from social work. If the hard sciences have focused on “facts”, on objects which are simply snapshots of frozen mind and matter, and on the relationship between these objects, the soft sciences are aware of the more subtle realm of the individual and collective psyche, observing the connection of mind and matter and even going as far as theories of the social construction of reality- which of course, have no steady ground due to lack of knowledge or experience of that which is constructing. The bold ones like existential or transpersonal psychology are the exceptions but as you and also Menas affirm, there has to be a meeting of soft and hard sciences, a common understanding, if we are to move forward with full power.

So let’s hope that the meeting continues, I know that I’m doing all I can to further soften “soft” scientists, reluctant to both the hard sciences which are honestly not very popular in those circles, but also to what is beyond the psyche, awareness itself, still mostly unknown and unexplored territory. I know many others are doing this work too, each one in their own way. After all, we are not separate, we are not connected, but we are actually the same undivided awareness in a process of increasing self-awareness. It’s fun! 🙂