Reply To: Does the Brain Create the Mind?

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Aurora Carlson
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Hi DDBB ( @duckduckbearbear ), I have just read your post and I want to thank you for your compassion, for caring for all people, for feeling responsible. I understand your point of view so well… but I do have a slightly different one.
If humanity remains on the same level of consciousness, we do indeed face the problems you mention, and there are no obvious solutions. But as I see it, the actual solution is as so many have expressed- on another level than the one of the problem.

Today, education means learning the already existing thought systems and structures, and building on them. The more books one reads and the more years one spends combining and regurgitating them, the more knowledgeable one is about how the systems work- which guarantees jobs. Computers are probably already much better than humans at this type of predictable functioning.

What needs to change is our very understanding of who we are, what the world is and how it is created!

You see… an enlightened peasant ploughing a rice field is far more capable of handling life than a PhD who has no idea of anything beyond the intellect. The former knows how everything is created and can create consciously and freely, the latter is struggling to push life into as many prefab structures as the intellect has collected. It simply won’t work when the problems have piled up!

If the physicalist paradigm continues, it is my conviction that humanity won’t make it. If on the other hand humans become aware of the very practical value of spiritual understanding, yes, there will be progress, our societies will change completely, and we will be able to allow AI to do what AI does best, the structural work, while humans can fully give themselves to what humans do best- playing, creating, envisioning, manifesting, evolving, etc.

I wouldn’t worry about bringing children into the world, as long as those children are not intensely conditioned to forget their true nature. Children are our hope- but only if collective understanding shifts. If you and your wife dedicate yourself to the evolution of your own consciousness, only good can come of it. You will be preparing the way for a new conscious human being, and I don’t know what could be more meaningful.