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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Richa ( @richa ),

If you are experiencing chaos, then my advice is that you seek silence. When the senses, thoughts, emotions are on overload, the picture of the world becomes chaotic. The world is as we are.
So still yourself, dear friend. Seek silence and time for yourself, if you can in nature, and meditate. Meditation is a humble renunciation of the world, it means going inward in search for truth, peace, joy, bliss. Through the practice of meditation you learn how to let go of everything that is not real, that is not your true self- you let go of thoughts, emotions, sensations, you let go of all that is storming. When you do that, the mind starts to calm down and you have a chance to get a glimpse of the paradise at your core. And when the mind has calmed down… when we open our eyes again, the world has changed, because we have changed. When consciousness is peaceful and loving, the image of the world mirrors it.

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