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Hello @celia @aurorac @ziewatt @jenniferl @ilianna-deveneau

Ziewatt, your example of the tree, how it connects to the universe and the sun is a great example of symbolic meaning. I should’ve read your post before writing my post earlier.

Are symbolic interpretations of visual concepts, and a human construct?

Celia’s post triggered an old memory. Going back 17 years, I started reading the translation of the Quran. It is written in the old Shakespearean text and had no choice but to rely on “hidden meanings” rather rely on interpretation of words. I decided to disregard all negative words and any interpretations and relied solely on “spiritual guidance” for understanding.

I don’t wear the “headscarf” not even in prayer. Many Muslims would believe this to be a sin because they rely on the use of words and text as ultimate truth.

In my experience I have found that by relying on “spiritual guidance” this leads to “knowing” – one truth, celia had quoted “truth is not lost”.

I think It is in the knowing we should be focused on when reading “text”, rather than look for symbolic meaning. I think symbolic meanings have been created for our worlds academic purposes (human constructs, hence most things are lost in translation and the only truth is in the “knowing”.

Thank you to all, you are helping me with remembering what I have almost forgotten and I am enhancing my learning and developing further – much love ❤️

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