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Dear Menas,

About three years ago I experience a strange occurrence which made me question time. I travelled to a place in the North Island of New Zealand to a place I had lived about 8 years before. On going into a particular shop I suddenly got this strange feeling that I hadn’t been away at all from this place. It actually felt like time had not moved at all. Here I was 8 years down the track in the same shop and it felt so weird. Like I had jumped through a time warp and literally was in the same spot I was 8 years ago. Then Later that year I returned back to the South Island of New Zealand and again felt as if time had not moved it was all just going along and it really felt like I had moved in this whole thing and the places had kind of not moved. Its a very hard concept for me to explain.

I am trying to figure this out logically however feeling like I moved through some sort of time warp is strange when you travel back to a place you have lived.

My question is: Is time the reality, or am I the reality experiencing time?

Thank you


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