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Aurora Carlson
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Dear @jenniferl @ziewatt @celia @robin @lilianna-deveneau @angoorab

I have now finally caught up with reading these later posts and I want to thank all of you for the kindness and authenticity with which you allow and accept this unveiling of a deeper truth under everyone’s experiences.

I too share your experience of loving and “hearing” trees, of understanding the message of books without even opening them, of realizing that words and things are symbols in Being. It is so beautiful how experiences are of the One even as they appear to be of the many. It would be nice if an animal communicator would join our discussions, I recently stumbled over the work of Anna Breytenbach from South Africa, absolutely fascinating work- impossible to some, fully normal to others.

I also much appreciated everyone’s kindness and excellent advice to help dissolve the impasse experienced by you Angoorab which is a very, very common situation. Actually, I have met so many people in similar situations that some years ago I decided to put together an online program I called Prosperity for Good People, a process meant to help the mind release and allow a more expanded financial possibility. It is a mantra and meditation based program and it might not be for everyone, but you said, Angoorab, that you have difficulties returning to a spiritual practice, so this might help with that. If you want, try it out (there is a trial option) and if it resonates with you let me know, there are a number of free scholarships available.

My gratitude to Deepak and Menas, and to all who are making this satsang possible 🙏 This is how the One remembers its absolute reality behind all relativity.

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