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Hi @Aurora , the Elephant Whisperer as well. Lawrence Anthony who died a short while back. Just looked up at his book on my book shelf. Yes it is very normal if you live in this part of the world. Wild animals are perfectly in sync. Predators don’t hunt for sport they hunt to eat. In that way humans are far more savage and yet more vulnerable. If you go to a game reserve, a common viewing spot is a water hole. Predators and prey will drink at the same time. The prey know when they will be hunted and move on quickly, otherwise they all coexist. Humans have no idea how to coexist with animals. As a species we are more fearful than those at the bottom of the food chain. You won’t see a human chilling at a water hole with a lion or leopard and if they did they would more than likely become cub food even with a silly little gun 🙂 All those pictures people see online of those hero’s who hunt lions… those are tame lions raised on farms, and even drugged first so tourist trophy hunters can act like heros. There is no match. It is what happens when you fall out of sync. In some ways you could say that we are actually the most vulnerable species on earth, constantly living and acting from fear. Whether or not we are taking over their territory and killing them off in that way is immaterial… they’re fully alive… sometimes we as a species just act like soulless shadows… with no idea who we are. I’d hardly call being human having a privileged position on this planet… I think that is a delusion.

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