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I think perhaps this is where intention comes into play. In communication. Just some thoughts but for example a little over a month ago two of my cats were bitten by the same black mamba (they didn’t die, I wouldn’t tell it if it was a sad story). My gardener called me but no one intervened because we would have the situation worse. Their best chance of survival (and our own) was to let this take it’s course. Black mambas are the only snakes out in my area at the moment as we are going into winter and it is their breeding season. Anyway, my domestic cats are very domestic. They jump up and hang on door handles to open doors, they are very reliant on the comforts of domestic life. They would not intentionally try and harm a snake. They like their food from tin and refuse to eat anything else… they were not playing predator. How do I know that? Because although the black mamba is the most dangerous snake in Africa and can take down a human in minutes (it is unlikely an individual would survive a bite) it was not phased by my two cats. It bit them both on the nose and went on it’s way. They were left with bite marks but the mamba did not inject venom. Had we unconsciously intervened my cats would have been dead in minutes. Even domestic animals are more in sync than we are. Had my cats posed a threat, gone into predator mode, “the predator would have become the prey”. Down to their intention?

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