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Menas Kafatos
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Dear Jennifer ( @jenniferl ):

See my replies in italics to several of your points.

You state:

Forgive me while I slip into so-called “pseudo-science”, here. 🙂

The way I understand this so far is that the phenomenon is you, simultaneously created and according to Law. It’s the identification of the observer to bring about events in the way they appear (simultaneously containing the whole within all events, and in which we can manipulate when we learn to work consciously), providing a deeper understanding of the Judgement Seat of Christ.

I am not sure what you mean by “…to bring about events in the way they appear.” The “events” are vibrations of Consciousness, which projected onto Consciousness, appear as separate happenings. They are in fact qualia, experiences of the one Consciousness.

We judge by our ability to work consciously as soul identified beings or unconsciously as personalities (for example), or the false or past self, mistaking the past as our self, our truth. When in reality, the past, present, and future contain the same seed of awareness to be worked through to fruition consciously. This is what we mean by remaining “present.” When we identify the commonality of ourselves throughout time and experiences, we can begin to work with the energy behind it. This common seed presents itself, if you will, in the form of synchronized events – where seemingly unrelated events appear to have a common thread in consciousness
(the stuff books are written about ;P ).

OK I believe I agree with what you are saying.

This brings me to another thread where the question is being discussed, “how we know?”
Here’s the link: What is Soul

If everything is a modification of consciousness or the true self, then how can that self be known? Isn’t the goal of humanity self-awareness? And, to what extent can we become self-aware?

The Self (cap S) cannot be known, “externally”, if that is what you mean. Because the Self is the Knower, the ground of all knowledge. The Self is Being and also Becoming. It can be realized, merged onto, experienced as Oneness but not “known”.

Thank you for considering my questions.

Love you and to all,

Love and blessings