Reply To: Readers Ask: How Do We Create Our Reality?

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Menas Kafatos
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Dear Dr. Andrew Bayuk ( @guardian ):

You state: “If the only reality is awareness, what gives the illusion of continuity? How do we transform continuity into something more desirable, interrupting the continuity of things we don’t prefer, and replacing it instead with a preferred continuity? Better yet, how do we do this instantaneously?”

As I stated before, we can go beyond “preference” and “aversion”. The only illusion is that the opposites, which are relative and observer-dependent, hold an absolute existence by themselves. They don’t. Continuity is a state of mind. In fact, as the universe is more quantum-like, the bits of knowledge, numbers, individual souls, all objects, are “individualistic” or distinct, in a sense.

Love and blessings,