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Menas Kafatos
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Dear @diane-e-harper

My replies/comments in italics:

You state: “Is it kosher to say here that I have also read Eckart Tolle’s books too? THE POWER OF NOW.”
Of course it is. It is a great work!

YATU brings the science to the conversation and for that I’m glad. Particle or Wave? On or off. One cell or two. It’s the origin of the separation that has us fascinated. In our efforts to understand ourselves, we want to break things down to the smallest knowable parts and that in itself is a distraction away from truth. Is-ness. Now. Being. Holy Instant. These are all as close as we can get to knowing our true selves. I haven’t finished the book yet (one bite at a time), but I get where it’s going. My love and my peace to you and this forum.

Well, maybe we want to “break things down to the smallest” for the fun of it! I mean it. The Truth is always there. But, you are right, distractions abound.

Love and peace