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Aurora Carlson
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Dear Celia, thank you for telling us about the Elephant Whisperer, I had not heard about him before. It was great to read your stories, the magnificent sounds, smells, visions of Africa came pouring in through my screen! Here in Europe I have experienced wild squirrels, deer, foxes, moose, wolves and even lynxes, but hey… never a black mamba! Still, you brought one to my world and now I have it as an experience almost as vivid as the one that comes through the eyes. Thank you! 🙂

I do think you are right, that intention and being attuned are important for harmonious flow together with all species and forms of life. But I don’t see humans as powerless- only those humans who are unaware of the unity of all life and their identity as that which holds it all within itself. Which is probably the majority of humans 🙂

But still, here we are interested in the exceptions which we are all beginning to be. I admire animal communicators for showing us the way to expanding consciousness even in this direction. We all have this capacity and can surely develop it the more self-awareness we gain.

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