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Hi @aurorac

I agree with you. I don’t see humans as powerless I do believe that the bulk of us as a species behave that way.

With regards to his story it is actually a phenomenal. He was a local here who saved a herd of elephants who were terrified of humans and so extremely violent. He wrote the book about his journey just to educate the locals here in KwaZulu-Natal but he sold millions of copies as far as I know. What was so phenomenal was the distance the elephants traveled to hold a vigil at his house when he passed away. They stayed for two days and it made headlines around the country and even other African countries for months because it has never occurred before that we know of, that a man was mourned by elephants as if he was an elephant. In fact even witnessing elephants mourning is a rare sight. Not only that but the fact that no one can explain how they knew he had died. His funeral was held here at our soccer stadium in Durban and was a huge event with many leaders & public figures. Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi even attended and he is the only leader left in South Africa to hold the same prestige as Nelson Mandela. He is South Africa’s most respected leader (although you can’t find that on google). He was not considered a celebrity by any form of the word, just a simple man whose status was elevated by these elephants. People are often so taken by Hollywood imagination that they are so unimpressed with the magic of living. There is no reverence. So many fictional stories and characters have been expressed through that medium that I am unsure if people could understand the magnitude of such an event.

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