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Good Morning. I have only read part of the posts but wanted to reply. I heard about the elephants who went to the man’s funeral. I do Energy Healing work with animals and people. I also have helped several animals cross over. I talk to the trees and listen to them and to the animals and earth and wind. They give me messages when I pay attention which I am focusing on more and more. A couple of years ago I went on a dolphin boat in Florida. The man said that we might see them (it is a tourist thing where you can see dolphins sometimes) or we might not. Well pretty far into the trip, no dolphins. I was disappointed and decided to call them. So I visualized them swimming and playing including “Flipper” style on their tails and chattering. I asked them to please come and within minutes he said for us to look to the side because there they were. I thanked them and was amazed wondering if they really responded to my call although I know they did. I have called deer to see them and hawks and have had good success with doing healing work with cats, dogs and horses and other animals. You just have to listen and tune in. There are many other examples like hearing a wolf howl that no one else heard when one of the wolves I took care of was dying in my arms. He did’t want to go and was fighting. There were many people there that day and no one heard it. When my cat was very sick 2 years ago before she crossed over, I was frantic and praying and sending energy. It finally occurred to me to work on her picture the same as I would work on her. She had not had a bowel movement in about 4 days. I used her picture I have on my phone. Within about a 1/2 hour or so I called my roommate to check on her and she had pooped. I helped a vulture who appeared to be dying and actually allowed me to pet him (or her, not sure which) and do some healing work. The next morning he had crossed over. I am learning the power of thoughts and intention and the interconnections of everything. The more we get Ego out of our way, the clearer we are. When we know why we came down here and do our job (it took me awhile to listen and believe the messages and visions I was getting) then everything gets easier.

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