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Derek Whitney
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Thank you for sharing Aurora (& Deepak and Menas)

I’m all for anything and everything that can, in any way, contribute to more Love being expressed in our Universe.

Knowing that we each and all are, unlimitedly and cosmcially all – does gift freedom from any human reaction to the unconscious destruction that many humans are causing at present on Earth.

Is it ultimately destruction, or will it come to be just another helpful phase in evolution, just as the dinosaur phase came and went, in the midst of which there was much violence, death and destruction – but ultimately the energetic learnings helped inform the re-creation of a new Earth, one with humans.

Perhaps our species coming, going and the lived energetic learnings will serve to inform the new Earth that comes (perhaps on this planet, perhaps elsewhere in the trillions of galaxies) with new forms, to allow the One Self, the One Us, to experience ourSelf as only Love in a new and wondrous form, beyond all current wondrous forms.
If that be so, then we can just be and allow whatever is to be and pass without judgement or commentary.

Content in the silent inner energetic knowing that we are, in essence, unlimited peace, power, creativity, beauty and truth – and that, in truth, we require nothing, fear nothing, are nothing, yet we create, be, engage with, play, Love and experience everything.
We are God.

It is funny that we take so long to awaken and that we elude and delude ourselves so convincingly.

I sense a taste of the Eternal bliss that awaits and that I will return to upon this form’s passing.
To fully re-merge with each and all that has ever been – is it possible to know, while here in this form, the power, peace, unlimitedness of the One lived sensitive divine intelligence that has always been behind and within all form – YES…..YES it is…because I AM that…and I only need not think…to be…is to know…and I am there.

You are there my friends, we are there, for you are me and I am you…..we are the ant, the giraffe, the dolphin, the whale, the eagle….what cosmic joy resides in knowing what is real and that this is but a miraculous game, briefly gifted to inform the eternal learning, creating and being.

How am I causing this wondrous rain that I am experiencing to fall on the abundant greenery and to help fill the ocean beyond? This form mind doesn’t understand the science behind it all – but the formless that I am, feels the miracle of what has been created and is at peace with what is gifted in sense, feelings, images and thought perceptions as I sit appreciating the rain falling down.

Is funny, I came on here just to look at the video and write a simple comment, but in just being on this forum divine awareness is raised and it is mighty, ageless, creative, enthused and vibrant. It is true.

Thanks Aurora, Deepak, Menas and all for the shared conversation – in our current world of gaping contrasts – this is a very appreciated Loving conversation to be a part of. Namaste to each and all.