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Hi YATU members,

I hope this finds each of you buzzing with light, love, and joy!!
@angoorab, you are most welcome, and thank YOU for the hugs!! 😀 😀 You ran across my mind yesterday and I gave you a few more; I am smiling ear to ear right now to see this!! I love that you experienced so much freedom and choice in your upbringing. Invariably, that led you here to us, for which I’m most grateful! And thank you for your visualization of yoga postures creating specific vibrations; that made its importance not only clear, but I could almost HEAR something in my mind clicking and locking into place! I’ve been working on clearing my life (mind, body, and spirit) of old, negative constructs and replacing them with positive ones. (*Replacing them is key! Otherwise our subconscious will fill these pockets with more of the same and give us another try, and another until we pass our test!) Finally making the transition from “no red meat, and avoid all others whenever possible” to “no way, I’m not buying that” is a recent example, a personal journey @aurorac has helped me with, however unknowing. Thanks so much, Aurora!! 😀

@ziewatt, thanks for sharing your tool! I appreciated how clearly you laid out your process for sifting past our emotions to the root of what’s causing those or specific actions to discover why and how that past experience is still shaping your reality now, which ultimately allows you to let that old belief float away; I imagined a balloon when reading it. For me, journaling is a great way for me to both express my emotions at the time, and document what I can reflect upon as old habits later, after having reread my entries. This has led to some invaluable insights; may it be of benefit! I encourage everyone, myself included, to keep trying positive outlets until you find what works for you: meditation, running, nature walks, swimming, yoga, praying, dancing, singing, etc.

Angoorab, when you said your MPs were in charge of “whether you live or die,” that made me so sad! I encourage you to reflect on that, and see if there are old thought patterns coming up for you when you do so. I know the struggle of someone else having control of most of your resources, and how scary it feels. Of course that upholds negative beliefs, right?! Yet we both know that feeling of freedom, and it’s within each of us, burning its way to the surface. I’ve found that when I allow my mind some space and ask the universe to help me solve the problem, I am amazed at the clarity, sense, and often speed of the response! The universe reflects back to us what vibration we create, as you mentioned about yoga; use this to better your life. Use this to create a better universe for yourself!! 😀 😀 Perhaps start with making a list of all the things you want. Be bold! Put it all out there!! Trust in the universe, as difficult as that may be sometimes!!, and the universe will always show up for you. And remember, you’re not alone! We’re all connected; we are one! I LOVE the idea of shifting your vocabulary to reflect this positive state!! 😀 As you mention, words are created. It’s the feeling behind what you say, the energy, that’s really being translated. As @jenniferl discusses, at our core, that is our common language, where intuition and language reduce to a force each of us can inherently understand; sometimes we just need practice “speaking” this way! 🙂 Jennifer, I love the life symbols view! Thanks for sharing!!

And yes, Angoorab, Celia’s “truth is not lost” statement rings true for me also on so many levels! Thanks for sharing your insight on the Quran and headscarf. I love hearing people’s stories!! We are such fascinating creatures!! 😀

@susan, thank you for sharing your awesome animal spiritual encounters!! Wow. Very touching!! I will definitely be setting more intentions!! I have always sought spiritual refuge in animals, so it worked out well that I was raised on a farm! From the time I was about 4, I was “the family vet.” I went through high school and applied for colleges with this goal in mind. I can feel their pain, I want the very best for them, I am so grateful for these creatures. One day, as I’ve shared elsewhere on this forum, I awoke from my bed and almost took a back seat as I felt and saw and almost watched myself walk down the stairs and go outside where my landlord, the department chair of communications, was planting some flowers. I asked him if he could get me in some of his classes, as I just switched my major (literally!). His face lit up and he heartily encouraged me to come by his office and he’d get me all set. I went back up to my room and sat on my bed, my service yorkie at my side. What had just happened?! A voice within told me, “Don’t be a vet. You’re supposed to help people, not [only] animals. Don’t be a vet.” It was wild. Interacting with animals is still a big part of my daily routine, and I say hello to all the little creatures that cross my path, from snails, birds, and butterflies to bears and eagles. I don’t “hear” them reply, though my heart feels it!

@elviragherman, I love your post! 😀 You are so right! Welcome, and thanks for joining us!! 😀 Aurora, thanks for your link; I love how creative your site allows people to be!! Fantastic!!

Celia, thanks for sharing about these hunting farms; they are a cruel and unnecessary reality. I also agree with your point that we act more vulnerable than those lowest on the food chain! I know each of us changing that, from our awareness to our participation in this forum!! We are creating a new, brighter, more fair and beautiful world!! Let’s keep it up!! 😀 😀 And about your cats, I’m so glad they’re alright, and how intriguing is your point?! Love it! Thanks for sharing about the Elephant Whisperer, also!! And enjoy Giraffe Manor and your UN course; they both sound amazing! That giraffe house is on my bucket list also! Haha!!

Let us marvel in the miracle of our Oneness!!

Light and love to all,

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