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Hi Lili,

I don’t “hear” the animals like I hear a human voice, it is more a feeling knowing and also my guides and the Angels and sometimes G-d will tell me things that I do “hear” as voices. They told me to go ask a neighbor I don’t know when another neighbor’s horse got out and it turned out it went to the 1st neighbor’s farm and they didn’t know who it belonged to. If I had not listened and did as I was guided, it never would have made it home. I see pictures too because basically I think in pictures. It sounds crazy (I promise I am not! Infact I have been working in the Mental Health field for about 25 years so know I am not delusional, LOL!) if you haven’t had or don’t believe in that experience. I used to want to be a Vet many years ago but couldn’t deal with the thought of hurting an animal even to “help” or “putting it to sleep” which I think is a strange expression. I didn’t know at that time that I was supposed to be doing healing work and more with the animals these days. I sent Reiki to some apple trees we have where I live because everything is energy and responds to our thoughts and intentions. I have been told that all healing works so not to second guess though I am still letting go of Ego and trying not to second guess because I am not sure if there is an obvious change in them. Ego is thinking too but it seems to block our true energy.

So, I also know that thoughts influence reality because once I have begun to practice Abundance thinking instead of Deprivation thinking and keep allowing Abundance in, more comes. We vibrate where we think and feel and feelings come from thoughts. It is the emotional vibration attached to the thought (not the thought itself which is only a symbol and means just what we as humans agree it means) that the Universe responds to. The higher we vibrate the faster we manifest what we are thinking and feeling.