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About the butterfly effect, my understanding is that a butterfly can flutter its wings in one part of the world and a tsunami can happen somewhere else. I haven’t read about it in eons and don’t remember the reason, other then that everything is interconnected. One thing I think (Yep it is a thought, LOL!) is that human beings are too complicated to categorize and there is so much going on in so many levels that we don’t understand (like cellular memory, past lives, what we came down here to teach and to learn, our beliefs which are actually just thoughts we have practiced, etc.) that influences us. I also paradoxically think (there is that word again!) that human beings make things way more complicated then they need to be. The human mind searches for patterns and will keep trying to figure things out according to it’s past experiences so that new info fits the old patterns. Until that is, we change the old patterns of thinking which then physically changes the brain.

It really is not that complicated. Know that the only real force in the world is Love, Know that we are part of that force, Know that we can create what we want by changing our vibration to allow it in, and then Do it!

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