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Goodness, one more thought (more words, LOL!) I had an experience today which happens from time to time. I have inherited psychic ability. I used to be very afraid of it. I am learning to work with it. I had been saying I wasn’t really interested in doing Medium work unless it was a part of the Healing work I already do and was necessary. That thought is a limit! So anyhow, I have been praying that I am fine with getting messages and communications from the other side as long as it is through the Highest Light of G-d and the Angels. If I am supposed to pass on information then fine. Here I am still learning not to second guess. I was driving and felt someone or others around me and was tuning in asking questions. I called the friend I was going to see because I was being guided to tell her something. I started to tell her some of it and felt like crying. I had to ask the person whose spirit was talking to me to back off a bit because I was feeling too overwhelmed. That helped and I continued to receive words and pictures and passed them on. At one point my friend asked if her relative I was talking to was with another of her relatives. I didn’t know his name and a name came to me so I asked her if she knew someone by that name. Sure enough it was one of the names (not the name he was usually called by but a middle name I think) of the relative she was asking about. I took that as confirmation that this was a real experience and not my imagination. This has happened many times before with other people too, not just with her. So, why am I telling you this? Because my thought of not wanting to be too involved in that kind of work was influencing reality by blocking communication. When I set intention to allow it, I was able to comfort a friend and give her good advice that was not from me but was from her great grandmother. Go figure!

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