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Dear Deepak,

Thank you for your response via facebook. By what you are saying I am now beginning to understand the idea of duality and experiencing through contrast. I still feel that there is a peaceful place beyond all that we experience here. I try to become more settled in my being this is coming now later in my life, you say the peace that passes all understanding , the whole, holy and healed, this for me is a journey, yoga is now helping me in this healing. I have only come to yoga properly now in my life, and experience a peace I have never felt before.

I was brought up in an anglican background, and it was all about a separate god, and the creator was way far away. This as a child for me was very confusing. I experienced death early in life with family and again this created a feeling of wondering where these souls went. And why would those I loved go. Years later now, I have healed a great deal and have begun a journey back to self and knowing that I am a being experiencing all things, and I am creating and living with self awareness. Interestingly the words you said “the peace that passes all understanding” was in the church I grew up with a lot. It doesn’t matter what reference that it is related too it is very useful to remember this in my heart.

This has actually been a very healing process listening to how duality is something normal by experiencing contrast and plays of consciousness within a material world. I also find it useful to remember the settled being that you talked about. This again is happening later in my life, but for so long was not my state of consciousness. I work with children and I sometimes see some children that are highly sizzled and frenetic due to there living situations etc. I try to calm them by words and calmness.