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Hi @aurorac,

I am still learning and the biggest issue is keeping ego out of it. Sometimes I have no clue what they are telling me but the more I focus and am calm, the clearer it is. I still work with people too but after decades of that (mostly working with Trauma), it is so much easier usually to work with the animals and less Drama! Except of course when their people get in the way.
It has taken many years of trying to listen instead of arguing, LOL! I am working to clear myself as much as possible so I can be a clearer channel for G-d and the Light. My ego tends to say I can’t do things rather then that I am “all that” like many people’s egos do.

Does anyone else out there communicate with the other side besides me? I’d be interested in hearing about it. Since it is all energy, our thoughts and the thoughts of those who have crossed over (2 and 4 leggers) comes through too when we are on the right “Radio frequency”. I heard Esther Hicks (teachings of Abraham) call it that. If we are not tuned into the right frequency we can’t hear or see or perceive it. Sometimes what I get (even the many signs that I get in answer to my asking) seem like imagination but I don’t believe in accidents or coincidences. I practice Holistically so everything has to be used and blended.

I don’t have very many people (really only a couple) to talk to about these things because most people seem to think it is too “woo woo”.



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