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Dear Susan and the Forum,


When I was about 35 I had started having communion with spirit as a result of my natural unfoldment for doing meditation work for so many years. Several years later I had contact with a spirit who stuck with me for a few days. I didn’t know who this was or what the messages were about. It was really confusing. Then I heard one word and it brought it all together: boobies.

Once I heard that word a memory flooded in. I was in junior high and wore my first training bra. While I was at my friend, Cheri’s house (going on 40 years of friendship!) I stood with her mom and uncle. Cheri’s mom looked at my chest and blurted out a little too enthusiastically, “Jenny! Jenny! You got your boobies!.” This was a big deal because Cheri got her first. Uncle and I were both very embarrassed.

Fast forwarding to the moment I heard the word “boobies” in spirit contact, I realized it was Cheri’s uncle. He passed a few years prior of a brain tumor. Once I acknowledged it was him, the messages and love from above came flooding in.

I was compelled to call Cheri and tell her about her Uncle. However, I had never broken the news to her about my abilities. So, the conversation went like, “Are you sitting down? I have something to share with you…I’m a psychic-medium….AND, I have your uncle with me.”

Cheri was elated! And, I continued to give my first ever evidential reading. Now, Cheri and I talk regularly and doors have been opening to me of opportunity.

I hope this helps shine light for you, in that spirit can come through and intervene to help fill the void.

Much love! (this is a condensed version of my first post which wouldn’t go through)

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