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Hello Forum and @ziewatt,

Ziewatt you say something very interesting here: “What is interesting to me is symbols and how we translate these into our own meaning. Why do we do this? and from where does our understanding stem from. We all interpret things a different way and have a different perspective.”

How I interpret this so far, has to do with our unfolding witnessing awareness. Basically, where we are in our spiritual development is how we’re going to interpret symbols. At the soul identified level, we’ll get a holistic interpretation; we’ll see the universal application of the law and simultaneously, the specific application in our circumstances. While, at the personality levels things are much more myopic – as we’ve come to use the seven major chakras as a model for understanding development – at the personality we can have conflicting, dualistic, individualized interpretations. For example (and I said this to @menask in another post) if someone is stuck in the root chakra this person may experience life (as a symbol) in terms of survival (derived meaning).

This is what I believe Dr. Chopra means when he says ‘see it as if for the first time.’ In other words, through the eyes of innocence, unfettered from the earthly planes, symbols and their derived meanings may be interpreted untouched by the personality. Or another way of saying it: letting go of the past which is what the personality vehicle symbolizes – the past.

I hope this helps explain what I mean! I love this forum for the depth of conversation we can have. It’s soothing to the soul!


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