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Hellooooooo @robin !!!

You said beautifully, “I know this makes me a bit odd, but I talk to trees and listen in the silence for what they say in reply. I find there is much wisdom in nature. It may be a human universe, but we can glean a lot from the nonhuman world that weaves us in its web of life, just on different frequencies.”

First of all, welcome to the band of misfits, as I heard Deepak say in one of his videos some time ago. ;P Though I believe as we continue to reflect on the growing body of evidence for our subjective experiences, we won’t be considered misfits much longer (a bit cheeky).

You said eloquently, “I wonder if others find themselves curious about how we interact with plants and other animals to expand our consciousness, and how we might inspire others to do the same”

Yes, I love listening to the forest after a hard rain!

The best way I’ve learned so far to interpret the messages I receive from nature is to think in terms of oneness or the one consciousness back of all creation. When I’m not sure of the interpretation I ask myself, “how does this pertain to the lesson?”

When we recognize we are not apart, and truly are one unified whole in expression, others will be inspired naturally by one’s example. <3

Sending you oodles of love!


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