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Hi @menask, @deepakchopra, @robin, @jenniferl, @aurorac, @derek-whitney, and YATU forum,

I wanted to share an experience with you all! For a few days, as I was walking the dogs our nearly 1-yr old shepherd mix Wiggins had been particularly curious, and even attempting to eat things all around him that were clearly not food! I thought of Robin’s dog Daisy & our YATU conversations, and then suddenly I looked at the experience in a whole new way. Yes, Daisy and Wiggins are curious pups trying to learn about their world, just like us. AND, since we are one, I can look at that relationship as a teeter-totter on which I’m trying to achieve balance by recognizing that I myself am out of balance, and THAT is why the pup behavior is as it is. It’s a message to me from the universe saying, “YOU need to get out and explore more! You’re out of balance right now!” Listening to this, I allowed myself some time to sit by the bay and simply take in the gorgeous sights, sounds, tastes, textures, and smells; it was rejuvenating! In recognizing that we are the universe, I am more able to understand my surroundings and interpret them in a positive, constructive, beneficial way which leads to healing, health, and freedom! 🙂 🙂 I incorporated this mindset in an important conversation with my husband, and was immediately provided with insight that allowed me to free up old energy and move forward in compassion and understanding rather than responding through old habits with negative emotions of anger, fear, guilt, shame, or even resentment. I hope my practical examples of how impactful this book has been may help others to welcome their epiphanies! We create our universe every day, with each moment, thought, smile, and inhalation; thank you for helping me make it a beautiful one!!

Light & love,