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Hello @ziewatt, @jenniferl, @deepakchopra, @menask, @aurorac, and all,

Jennifer, thank you so much for your light!! You truly add a powerhouse of higher vibration to my inbox, and I am so appreciative!! 😀 How uncanny these posts are; I just left a comment and as soon as I sent it, realized I forgot to say one of the two things I even wrote down to share! And here it is, a direct response to this magnificent convo! 😀 I love it! It involves Ziewatt’s question of “how do you know?” Ziewatt, though I’ve had a strong “knowingness” about things throughout my life, I’ve also had a lot of mistrust, particularly in myself. A recent epiphany I had regarding this exquisite idea that we are the universe had to do with how I know. How do I know that this person REALLY wants the best for me, especially when their actions say otherwise?? And then the answer came, swiftly, gently, and yet boldly, to my heart: I KNOW my intentions always stem from love, even when others may not see that. And, since I am the universe, I can be absolutely SURE that the same is true for the universe. Even when it feels like I’m being “punished” or “let down”, that’s the negative interpretation from a place of fear and skepticism, of self-doubt.

What is TRULY going on? The universe is trying to communicate with me to ensure my happiness, out of love. As soon as I stop and ask what that message is, clarity, peace, and truth can enter. In allowing my Self to go with the flow, my universe continues to align with my dreams. I know we’ve all had these moments, for it’s within our nature! 🙂 What’s so special to me is having a place, as Jennifer points out, where we can conjoin, to unleash our consciousness into the expansiveness of ONE. How amazing this gift is!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Menas, Deepak, Aurora, and each one of you beautiful beings!! 😀 Thank you for helping me on this journey; you are exactly what I need, as you are what the universe brought to me, and therefore what I brought to myself, this very moment. Deepak, thank you for helping me to sit in the eternal presence of the unending NOW. Menas, thank you for your witty, humorous, and fascinating self, interviews, and ideas!! And Aurora, thanks for being the invaluable glue that binds us!!

In gratitude,