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Hey @jenniferl,

I don’t know if I posted this or not but I had a Medium experience the other day. My ego is still getting me to 2nd guess but I am doing better with that. I did get confirmation from the friend I gave the messages to. I tend to get a lot of messages in the car. I also have had visions for years (before I knew what they were) and dreams that family on the other side have come into and my cat and other past pets have come into too, that kind of thing. I am also careful who I tell this to. It happens spontaneously and once I was told to give a message to 2 little girls at a Pow Wow who were strangers. The following year I had validation because I thought I had made it up. I still ask for confirmation sometimes. Luckily I have friends who are Mediums and they have told me to listen to what I get and pass it on without 2nd guessing or wondering if I am making it up.

Neat experience you related!


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