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Hello all, I have been a little preoccupied with other commitments and have managed to get my ex employer off my back temporarily without my MP’s help once again. Anyhow I am trying to catch up on posts, I have missed so many wonderful experiences and stories. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Thank you for the opportunity of “prosperity for good people” program @aurora , It sounds like something I maybe interested in (However I don’t always feel like a ‘good person’ at times LOL), as I am finding it very difficult returning to spiritual rituals and yoga practices ‘alone’ this time.

I agree with both Aurora and @celia , we humans are not powerless, however we are also not privileged, we rely too much on social conditioning and I believe we have forgotten our animal instincts. I don’t know much about the animal kingdom, and their behaviours, including insects. The first time I noticed strange behaviours from other species other than humans was on my first day at the Buddhist centre, we practiced some meditating and then during our break as I was walking towards to lavatory a Buddhist said “look” pointed to the ants and I jumped over them. Hundreds of ant’s appeared from nowhere. On my way back to the meditating room the ants had vanished within minutes. This unusual event made me research into ants and I have ‘discovered’ that we humans are not so different in the way that humans have created the world of ‘superiority’, ‘leadership’ and general ‘workforce’. We are learning from the animal and insect kingdoms, maybe we are not so intelligent after all?

celia I’m glad your cats are okay 🙂

@lilianna-deveneau I think there are some old though patterns that arise when having to deal with MP’s and my ex-employer. They only seem to change when I pray, when I can get myself into “SPIRITUAL MODE”, only then am I free from old thoughts and able to think clearly without prejudice or judgments of old thoughts. This is something I am very aware of and aware that I need to be practicing more yoga and spiritual rituals. Thank you for your input, it has been appreciated 🙂

@susan I thought I was psychic, and nowhere near your psychic abilities. I am a ‘dreamer’, I dream the present/future. I have never predicted world events or other peoples future, my abilities only stretch to those I know, family and friends.

It was last December I dreamed of a tornado and I was travelling on a coach, the coach stopped, I had to get out and find a safe place. I was looking for a tree, this woman stopped me and told me I didn’t need the tree, I carried on looking for the tree. I didn’t find the tree but a phone appeared in my hand, my late father was on the other end of the phone asking if my mother was okay. I thought he was talking about my mother, so I said yes mom is fine. Shortly after I woke up. I was concerned that something may happen to my mother, the message wasn’t about my mother, about a week later, we received a phone call from half brother that their mother was in hospital and that she wasn’t going to survive, she passed away on Christmas day. My interpretation is that the other side, every now and then sends me messages. I’m not very good at knowing what they mean straight away.

I have conversations with spirits on the other side, I sometimes have conversations with world leaders in my dreams. I don’t always remember the conversations for this reason I choose to forget about my dreams and just focus on being in the present.

very interesting subject! 🙂

It was lovely reading everyone’s posts, enlightening experience 🙂


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