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Aurora Carlson
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Dear @susan , you wrote:

I don’t have very many people (really only a couple) to talk to about these things because most people seem to think it is too “woo woo”.

Well… you have come to the right place, Susan… The YATU forum is an awesome place where you’ll meet people who have discovered awesome truths and possibilities! In my physical environment I am used to keeping my mouth shut about these things, or opening it only with those who ask, or, a more recent experiment, to ignite fervent discussions with those academic minds that lead the collective dialogue of this society. So for me too, YATU is like taking a deep breath and being able to talk with “normal” people 🙂

I giggled reading about how you gave up working with humans for working with animals. I’m a bit like that too, I lovingly call it lazy. In later years, I find myself preferring to work with children instead of adults, for oh how adults hold on to problems!

I hear you about ego being that which insists on impossibility. But hey – all you needed to do is express the wish to discuss what you called “communication with the other side” and right away someone appeared!

@jenniferl I absolutely loved your “boobs story” (reply 6684 for those who’d like to read it), it just shows that humor is a trait of universal awareness. I’ve always been so fascinated by humor, for I know my Self to have a fabulous sense of humor, so I have wondered what that really is. In spiritual literature all other kinds of traits are discussed, but I haven’t heard anyone discuss humor, except maybe Deepak in “Why Is God Laughing”. Consciousness not only experiences and knows itself… it also tricks itself and laughs at itself!

@angoorab , I’m still laughing as I’m thinking at what you wrote, that you don’t always feel like a good person. I could go on and on about this subject, but in the silence behind all my words and thought structures, good and bad are not yet created, and so… I shrug, chuckle … and go on playing 🙂 Today, my character in the movie is alllll gooood! 🙂

Thanking you all for making this thread and forum so alive, real, and beautiful – Susan, Angoora, Jennifer, @lilianna-deveneau , @celia , @robin , @ziewatt , @elena , @deepesh , @elviragherman , @vikram-chauhan, @derek-whitney , @stevecostello @lindzyb and of course, Deepak and Menas.
To all those who are silently reading – don’t be shy, come tell us what else there is to know, experience and wonder about!

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