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Hi @angoorab,

I just read one of your posts. This is what I know about conditioned thinking, feelings and how it effects us. Thoughts are just words. Words mean different things to different people. Beliefs are just thoughts we keep practicing. Change the thoughts and you change the beliefs. It is the feeling that accompanies the thought that sends a vibration into the universe. Feelings come from thoughts which cause biochemical changes in the brain and body (the feelings cause the changes). When we keep rehearsing the same thoughts over and over we keep using the same Neuroconnections in the brain. We can keep thinking negative fear based thoughts and the body will keep responding as if it is in danger. If trauma started young then it effects the way the brain develops and the Central Nervous System can become sensitized to stress because of the flood of stress hormones and the body not having the chance to calm itself and regroup. If the person was born sensitive then it will make it even more pronounced. Also the human brain is programmed to look for negative and danger. It is called the negativity bias. It helped the species survive and is part of the more primitive parts of the brain. The brain doesn’t know the difference between what is imagined and what is happening in outside reality. It responds the same. This is why visualizing works and also how people scare themselves by imagining something fearful they don’t want. The thoughts with accompanying feelings create your vibration. The more you practice a certain vibration, the stronger it gets. So if you keep practicing calm and positive then you will create new Neuroconnections in the brain and the ones associated with negative thinking will become less active and strong. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation all will help the person become aware of the mind body connection. Just setting intention to be aware and raise your vibrational frequency will raise it. Breathing of course will make you more aware. Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping), any kind of body work will help. I think that because we carry all of the old energy from past lives and then add the “stuff” from this life, if it is not cleared then we keep recreating it. I am sorry this is getting long winded. The point to me is that people forget who they are, especially when they carry trauma. Trauma becomes lodged in the cellular memory of the body until it is cleared. I think trauma is at the bottom of all inflammation, all mental, emotional and physical Dis-ease. It changes the world view and your view of who you are and your perception of safety in the body and in the world. This then effects the Chakras and round and round you go until you consciously clear it. Energy work helps and that along with consciously changing the thinking works together. When someone feels threatened it is hard to remember to be your Highest Self because you are in survival mode. The Amygdala “highjacks” the frontal lobes of the brain and the body reacts. This can be changed by doing deep breathing and stepping back so that you can think.

Sometimes is can help just to ask “What is the lesson I signed on for here?” And then listen to what comes. We are here to teach too so it may be something you agreed to teach others.

Again, sorry this is so long.

Take care,