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Hey @aurorac,

How do we send a question directly to the authors? Thanks to everyone who is giving us a chance to use our voices!

I still work with people but animals are easier usually (not Smitty cat this AM though, LOL! He is VERY loud and keeps wanting attention which is typical of him and makes it hard for me to concentrate). I have not read the book, I am in the middle of so many other books but have read many other things he wrote.

I saw someone wrote something about truth. I keep reminding myself that Truth Is Truth even if others refuse to believe it. Working through some family stuff and several of them “Rewrite history” to suit their own egos and inability or unwillingness to move forward.

Do any of you know about your past lives and your purpose now in this life? I am also working on clearing past life “stuff” along with this life “stuff” so that I can be a clearer channel to do G-d’s work. I tend to be very introverted but wish there were more people in person to discuss all of this with. It seems that people are so “busy” and caught up in their own lives. I would much rather be discussing the nature of the universe and why we are here and how everything works and the many realities that are happening at the same time so that we can access and experience what we want, more Quantum Physics and Metaphysical like Angels and such ( I am an idealistic dreamer) then discussing physical things like what is on TV and how well the car is working and who is messing with who, although I know that is part of life too. Frankly, withdrawing from most of the world (especially the loud political arguments) is much more peaceful. I have always been odd man out, not fitting in most places and have almost stopped trying. Maybe I am not meant to fit in. Based on what I know of some of my past lives and why I am here at this time, it makes sense that I am different. But different is also lonely sometimes.

I think in pictures and it can be a challenge to find the right words. Sometimes it feels like I am speaking Greek!


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