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Aurora Carlson
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Hi Susan, you ask how to post questions to the authors.

Here it is: How to Submit a Question to the Authors. In short- click on “The Forum” in the page menu to see the 3 different subforums: Book Chapters, From the Authors and Support and Announcements. Go to Book Chapters and choose the chapter your question addresses, or the first chapter if it’s a general Q. There, post a topic with your question, remembering to use @question somewhere in your text (not the title), so that we in the moderation team notice it and can place it on the waiting list.

About your other questions: yes, I have witnessed many incarnations and am very clear about my purpose in this one. I’m as “different” as you are, compared to mundanely inclined people, and have felt all the things you mention when trying to relate that way. It just doesn’t work for me, I feel like I’m totally losing my time, and I guess I am 🙂 Unless I connect with people like you all here, or my students and clients who have understood that the truth is relative and there is a Truth to be found. I’d like to assure you that as someone who looks deeper, you DO fit in, and much better than those who know only about the surface of life. Also, Menas speaks Greek, haha… and if/when you read the book, you too might enjoy the exquisite philosophical perspective he adds from that background.

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