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I have a question. I asked this on one of the videos and Deepak answered but I would like more of his opinion please. If there are many realities (Parallel Universes) and no true space time continuum, then theoretically we should be able to travel to the past and to the future by focusing on what reality we want to experience.

Is the reason that we “can’t” because we are not evolved enough in a human body mind? Since we can Astro travel in our dreams and sometimes in meditation then can’t we learn to do this in normal awake consciousness?

I have worked with many people with Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality) who became infants, rocks, animals etc. and had different mannerisms, speech, even physical issues in the different alters but it was all still one body. This all happened in one mind that had created an incredible coping mechanism. The power of the human mind is incredible and after spending decades working with helping people understand and heal from trauma, I am always amazed at what the mind can do. So absent the trauma and dissociation, can’t we learn to actually move the body not just the mind creating an alternate reality?



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