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Hey Aurora,

I hope I sent the question right. I put it under something you wrote for the book chapters and put @question.

I would much rather dive deep then live on the surface even though most people don’t get it. I have always been like that I think but didn’t understand what it was. I have been setting intentions for some time for my “tribe” and am always grateful when they show up!

There is so much going on, on so many levels and so much to discuss!

My biggest issue is living in a human body. Most of the people I know who are reaching for spiritual are trying to remember they are spiritual in a human body and how to tune into that. I (of course I have to be different, LOL!) am learning to live in a human body with all of its issues when I don’t feel at home in it or in this world. When I learned about Life Path numbers things made more sense. My ongoing frustration is all the people who are so into this world and don’t have a clue or care about anything deeper. I am always more interested in the deeper. What a balancing act!



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