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Since we humans create everything with our thoughts, then I assume that the universe originated in the same exact way- by one creator’s thoughts. The divine creator is God and his thought was to create one song, which is an amazing symphony with extraordinary notes. We humans are a note in the song, but we are also the song in its entirety, as well. That is how phenomenal the divine creator is. Everything is connected and a reflection of God the creator of the universal me, you, and all. I create paintings from my thoughts, which are moving and deeply connected to the origin and destiny of mankind. Angels work through me and with me. I approach blank canvases with a vague feeling and never know what will transpire, I am just led on one thought giving birth to another thought until it all comes together and appears as a harmonious, moving, beautiful painting… I believe the origin of the universe comes from the divine creators thoughts. But where did He come from, I do not know. I do follow Jesus and Saint Francis Of Assisi as they guide me on my journey and in my art work, which I know to be my divine purpose on earth. I trust that I have God with me, in me and in everything and everyone else around me. I can create anything with the divine energy that passes through me from Him… Bottom line God created the universe with His thoughts. #namaste peace and love

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