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Aurora Carlson
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Dear @susan , if you used @question then I’m sure I caught it! 🙂 Thanks for sending in your questions, they are the fuel for everyone’s growth! Here is more info if you want to know How to Submit a Question to the Authors

Reading your post, I am thinking that the spiritual journey starts where we are, and for most people, it is the place of identification with the body. That was my position too once upon a time, I was as conditioned as most people, at least mentally, even if I never quite resonated. From there, we first need to “reach up” so to say, discover the direction we need to move and the “height” of our true, transcendent self, and then, just like you describe, we need to go back down and discover how to live as incarnated spirit. That is also part of the journey to complete self-understanding, as I see it. First we discover who we truly are, then we understand how to create subtle and gross layers from sanity and not from the insane point of view of separation. I agree that it is a challenge, as we challenge not only our personal point of view, but everyone else’s 🙂 But what else can we do? It’s impossible to think and do things in the same old way, isn’t it? 🙂

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