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Hi @aurorac,

I don’t think I have ever believed what anyone else has believed and although I only remember small pieces of my childhood and early to mid teen years, I know I didn’t fit in. I was always asking “why?” from the time I was little. I am starting to realize the magnitude of the false messages I was given by other people especially family. These were about me (and they were so wrong), about others and as my dad used to say all the time “These are the facts of life!” Well, they may have been his facts but not mine!

I remember saying things at a young age most kids don’t and not being understood, noticing discrepancies in the way people acted as opposed to what they were really feeling. I didn’t know then what an Empath was but it makes more sense now.

As I try to put the pieces together and keep healing on deeper levels, it has been a challenge to try to deal with others in human bodies. I keep hearing people talk about how most others are selfish and I point out the many people who are kind and loving. However, I am noticing more people that indeed are selfish and self absorbed. Maybe being idealistic and always wanting to see the best in everyone, I was in denial. It amazes me how many people insist that the world is horrible and others are mean and low. That is one reason I avoid a lot of people.

This body that I am in has a lot of physical challenges and is another reason it is difficult to stay in it. I do a lot of energy and holistic work but usually concentrated it on everyone else. Having to concentrate on me now and it feels strange to do that.

You do have to start where others are so that you can try to lift them up if (and sometimes it is a HUGE IF) they want to be lifted up.

Have you ever had an aura picture taken? I think I saw on your profile that you live in Sweden. Aren’t they more progressive there?

Take Care,


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