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Shivansh Mahajan
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Hello again!
I am so much mesmerized by your experiences. Sorry for being so late to respond. At first, after reading your story with numerical patterns, one may think of it as a hoax or an exaggeration. But I am not at all in that group. I can relate to your experiences so well, that I definitely believe these happening in your life. I am so happy that I’ve heard from someone like you about synchronicities that happen to me all the time. When you said that you think of a person and then meet him or her later that day, I can say that precisely similar experiences happen with me as well. Few months back, I was anxious about productively spending my summer after the freshman year in college. I was seeking a summer research opportunity. So I thought of asking my research professor, in whose biochemistry research lab I was working since 3 months from then as an undergraduate researcher. Now considering the fact that I often tend to overthink and worry myself, I was really uneasy those days. But I constantly reminded myself to be hopeful and to embrace the wisdom of uncertainty. Then one day, when I came back from winter break, at the end of the very first day of work in my lab, my professor himself asked me what I planned to do over in summer. I was a bit startled in that moment, and I hesitantly said- I am thinking to find a research opportunity. And my professor instantly asked me to apply to a summer team research project in his lab, that would pay me a scholarship and he would right away take me on his team. I was so delighted that day. More than being able to find a summer research opportunity, I was surprised by this yet another phenomenon of coincidence (or as I would call it now- Synchronicity)- a big one this time! These days I am happily working on this research project.
So Suzie, even I think of these experiences as a sign of connecting to my deeper true self, and creating my own life myself. These are qualities of ‘awarefulness’, as Dr.Chopra always says. And even if we are connected to that conscious core, it would take a lot of compassion and devotion to reach that ultimate conscious self where there is no struggle. I can understand how confusing it can get when we think about being connected and still not being connected. On such occasions, I just remind myself that I don’t need to overthink because ‘thinking’ with my ‘human brain’ is unlikely to lead me to spiritual wisdom. What we need is the ‘cosmic brain’- what we essentially ARE.
Dr.Chopra and Dr.Kafatos have beautifully discussed this in the book.

Thank you 🙂