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Shivansh Mahajan
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What a magical response!
Now, I watching this response today is yet another synchronicity! Haha! Looks like all that you said was meant to heal my confusions. Thank you so much.
I have been struggling somewhat to get rid of my mental cage that always gets me thinking way too much and ‘intellectualizing experience’ as you said. I respectfully acknowledge how ‘human constructs’ are the root cause to anxiety and obsessive thought and hence, conundrums. I can understand this from my own experiences. I have a tendency to that as well. Nevertheless, I practice to feel my way and not think of it too much. But sometimes I find myself thinking about even staying in the ‘now’, and it gets crazy. So, I try to rejuvenate my mind from my experiences in meditation. Also, I remind myself to stay strong, overpower my mind, embrace uncertainty and work with compassion towards my dreams. I hope to reach the state where I think only when I want to and cease any thought when I don’t want to.
Thanks again for this timely reminder. This ends my day on a happy note. Keep inspiring always!
Namaste. 🙂