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Hello, Forum!

@aurorac I’m glad my post about the boobs was entertaining! I have also found that the “universe” has an amazing sense of humor; and, to add to this, when messages come through, healing occurs across timelines, and are specific as well as universal. Let me explain what I mean, as this also answers @susan ‘s inquiry about past lives.

Rather than thinking in terms of the past, I think more in terms of the energies in the present because that is where I hold my awareness (ideally). However, I had an experience which I call, Renaissance Man. The name comes from the period I believe, so far, my experience happened.

Recently, I was lying in bed and had a spirit helper with me on the inner planes. I’ll call this person George. While I was in communion with George, I had a vision open up from the past, simultaneously. In this vision, I saw myself as a middle-aged nurse/maid/mistress with a very handsome fiancé. We were in love with each other when suddenly, he died. I was devastated! From what I could see so far, he was a soldier and died of a wound infection. As I lied in bed with this vision of the Renaissance Man one the one hand, and my contact with George, on the other hand, I started to feel mourning and loss as if I was re-experiencing the death of my fiancé.

After a few moments of tears, I remembered that George was my Renaissance soldier. George, my spirit helper and Renaissance soldier/fiancé from the past, wasn’t dead. He was still with me! He was right beside me!

The awareness of George’s living presence closed a chasm deep within me, and it felt as if it occurred as myself today and the self I saw as the Renaissance woman in the past. I realized I had carried a burden all my life without recognizing it. The burden included feelings of loss, separation, and abandonment as a result of someone close to me dying. I experienced an energetic healing with the realization, “He’s not dead. I still have him with me.” The burden of loss was lifted, at least at that moment. My tears dried and I was overjoyed with the realization of his presence across all times.

I believe we’re given experiences or qualia to help us remember, that is to member again. This experience also affirmed for me how thoughts influence reality, which includes a much greater reality than the purely physical one, as I was able to heal from past trauma with a new and more inclusive thought of George’s presence in the here and Now.

All insights are appreciated!

Love, light, and blessings,

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