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Hi @jenniferl,
So much about your post here that resonates with me. As you may have seen in my previous posts, I have written a teen time travel adventure novel (part of a series), Edge of Yesterday, that is about a science-smart girl, Charley Morton, who finds Leonardo da Vinci’s plans for a time machine, and decides to build Leonardo’s design for the middle school science fair only to find herself accidentally winging her way back 500 years across 6 time zones to come face-to-face with her Renaissance idol, Leonardo. In the second book in the series (spoiler alert!) she meets a peasant girl close to her age, Elisabetta, (who reminds Charley suspiciously of her best friend at home, Beth) who is betrothed to an old man, but whose lover is a young nobleman and aide-de-camp to the di Medici cardinal who will later become pope. (Charley is more shocked about her affiance with the old guy than her affair with this dashing young soldier).

It reminds me of your past-life experience. It is so wonderful that you were able to heal that missing piece of your experiences out of time. I, too, have had many past-life experiences. I find them healing on one level, as well, but more, they seem to me to be guides to explaining who I am and why I am guided to the purposes I’ve found in my present incarnation.

But having written of time travel, and experienced it, I do believe that all those experiences are also going on concurrently. So by healing your past life, you can benefit from wholeness in the present, but I also believe you held the mourning that the Renaissance girl you describe was unable to express and allow her to heal as well.

I am currently at this amazing place, Chautauqua, in upstate NY (you can look it up) where I’ve just attended a talk on dreaming with William Bulkeley, a dream scholar. (Search for an article about his work in The Atlantic, April 2016–I would post these links, but my latest posts here have been unexpectedly held up for including too many outlinks. Sorry @aurorac!) I believe, as @deepakchopra has said, that dreams are often truer touchstones for reality than what we call “real life.”

I wonder what richness–healing, learning, or guidance–others in our forum have gained through dreams, time travel and/or past- and future-life experiences?

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