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I approached this question after I felt intense dissatisfaction, emotional turmoil, and identity crisis having to fit with cultural and gender expectations of my own conditioned mind. I quit my job to be with my pre-school daughter and regain my emotional balance, harmony and sanity.

The question ‘who am I’ arose after my mind relaxed more and more with present moment mindful-awareness amid daily chores. ‘Am I my body…am I my mind? What happens to my mind, stream of consciousness when the last breath goes out…? Is there a point after death, or repeated birth and deaths… after end of all cravings and desire, where consciousness no longer attach or identify to form, feeling, perception, and volitional impulses ….as my mind became progressively unbounded and still….wonderful feelings of bliss, happiness…love…….equanimity emerged…naturally without any instruction, technique or method…”

I know this inquiry can take one to their biggest breakthrough… ecstacy and glimpse of ultimate freedom and liberation from the shakles of conditioned mind, empty of all constructed reality of concepts…I had no teacher, instruction or method… just an open mind with an open inquiry and an unshakable intention to know the ‘Truth’.


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