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Hello, Robin!

@robin, I really appreciate your response to my post. You said the following:

But having written of time travel, and experienced it, I do believe that all those experiences are also going on concurrently. So by healing your past life, you can benefit from wholeness in the present, but I also believe you held the mourning that the Renaissance girl you describe was unable to express and allow her to heal as well.

Yes! The concurrent experience of it is what I was trying to convey and why I don’t necessarily think in terms of the past, but rather the Now, where these experiences seem to occur. Healing vibes shared between two people…maybe we can start a discussion on harmonics, vibrations, oneness, quantum entanglement, mirror neurons…

Past life and other spiritual experiences such as these are sometimes difficult to describe in plain language. I often turn to poetry or esoteric terminology to explain the concepts, but direct experiences and well-documented evidence for the subjective realities go a long way to help us all come to grips with our greater reality. Having said that, I greatly appreciate your shared experiences which I’m sure helped with the writing of your time-travel novel series! Blessings to you on your recent book!

Looking forward to more responses to our discussion!


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